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31-Aug-2017 08:58

It takes being willing to stick together through thick and thin to make a family successful.“That commitment starts with parents being committed to their marriage first because that brings security to the children,” said Mary L.Visit her online at follow her on Twitter derived from the ancient Greek word apologia, which means, an apology.“The ability to overcome adversity is essential to developing a healthy family,” said Eckles.Develop a habit of being thankful in all things and of not giving up when the going gets tough. Have specific times of the day when everyone’s disconnected from digital devices.Hamilton, author of Focus more on your marriage than your children; have regular date nights with your spouse. “You can’t have a successful family without spending time together,” said Dykes.

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“Everyone working towards the same goal can solidify your identity with each other.” Develop a family motto or mission statement. “Shared experiences strengthen the bond between family members,” said Dykes.Being successful isn’t just so you can post wonderful status updates on Facebook—successful families are important because “families are the basic unit of civilization which God created,” said Dykes.

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