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Problematic Musician: Kezwik & Protohype Step Artist: Xiz Song Genre: Dance 2 Style: Drumstep Difficulty: 62 Song Length: That’s all folks.We’ve officially run out of space in the title to fit any more updates.Be sure to give Velocity all of your love in the comments!Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and welcome to the world of lagless Hello, everyone! This is a summary post about some recent smaller changes from November to December, that haven’t been announced on the homepage yet.Air Edition includes everything the current game does, along with some new features the Adobe AIR platform allows us to provide: This update also brings the first public release of Spin it UP: Mobile for Android devices and Windows.For those who are not familiar with the old Spin it UP, it is a mouse-driven rhythm game developed by FFR that was discontinued in 2011.

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R^3 Air Edition is the same great game engine, built entirely without Flash.All future R^3 updates will apply to both browser/Flash and desktop/Air editions, and update automatically.Some of the features introduced in the future may only apply to Air Edition though.Keeping in theme with R^3, Spin it UP is ditching Flash, and has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Alt Engine Leaderboards are a new leaderboard system, which automatically tracks and ranks all alternate engine scores.

To play Spin it UP: Mobile on your Android device, tap to download the below, and install it using “APK Installer” from the Google Play Store. We’re hoping to collect your feedback on device compatibility and general experience. New alternate engines won’t appear visible to the public until they are unhidden by an FFR administrator.Sincerely, - Dossar LX ODI Have you read thread upon thread of lag reduction tips for FFR?

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