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The underground river of Labouiche Where in France?

Ariège, Occitanie Drive from Calais: 1,047km / 9h 30m Visit the nearby Château de Foix Discovered purely by chance by a local doctor in 1908, the underground river of Labouiche, or the Rivière Souterraine de Labouiche as it is known locally, has been open to the public since 1938.

It’s actually Europe’s longest navigable underground river that’s open to the public, so it’s really quite unique.

You can take a tour along roughly 1.5km of the river in a barge that your guide will pull through caves and chambers by ropes hanging from the cavernous ceiling.

On the tour, you’ll be guided through a labyrinth of varying landscapes, culminating in the beautiful waterfall Cascade Salette, plunging into a crystal clear turquoise pool.Translated from the local dialect, the name Baeckeoffe means ‘baker’s oven’, and traditionally, that’s where this dish was cooked.