Dating white rotary sewing machines l anglaise et le duc online dating

29-Dec-2017 01:14

The hand wheel was the same as had been used on the very early Peerless models, with a pulley on its outer face to allow the option of the machine being operated by a treadle. So far, those examples with serial numbers have been in the range 10000 to 11500.

The hand wheel incorporated a spring pin which allowed it to be disconnected from the main drive gear when rewinding a bobbin. This is itself a bit of an enigma, because they clearly do not fit in with the sequential serial numbers White used for all their other models.

The start of a new century saw the British operation down sizing to an agency, run by Bishop’s Cluster Company Ltd of 14 Golden Lane, London.

Between 18 the company won many prestigious awards for their excellent sewing machine designs and were ranked second only to those manufactured by the Singer Sewing Machine Company.

In 1866 The decision was made to relocate to Cleveland, Ohio as this was felt to be more central to their markets.

When it was incorporated in 1876, the company changed its name to the White Sewing Machine Company.

Their record and numbering system is/was not as organized as Singers, so there are some problems.The White ‘New England Sewing Machine.’ was sold for .