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12-Aug-2017 08:54

And if he ever feels like his ego is getting bruised or battered, whatever the reason may be, he starts to feel less like the man he thinks he should be. [Read: 20 secret things about guys that your guy would really want you to know!

It’s not always a woman’s fault when a man feels emasculated Before we go any further here, you need to understand this. Most men wrongly blame women when they feel emasculated.

And he’s the kind of guy you definitely need to stay away from!

[Read: 21 subtle yet shocking signs of an emotionally abusive partner] The real issue – Men emasculate themselves all the time!

A man who whines about his shitty day feels less like a man because society tells him real men don’t whine or appear helpless, especially in front of their girlfriend or wife. Society and television portrays real men in a manner that’s almost unmatched by mortal men.

A real man broods in a dark corner and looks cool doing it! When a man cries, everyone thinks he’s a sissy *even if they feel bad for him at that moment*.

He drinks and smokes like he’s immune to bad health. Because he can never be Tony Stark, the real man, the way a man should be.

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He barely has conversations that last more than a few seconds, and still has a social life. But every word in that quote makes your guy’s testicles subconsciously shrink just a little bit more. But if you’re wondering why a man feels emasculated around you, or what you’ve been doing to emasculate him, well, this is something you need to know. And when a man loses the one thing that defines him, his masculinity, he’d either withdraw into a shell, or he’ll get rebellious and do anything it takes to get that masculinity back. And neither gender really understands why the other gender makes such a big deal of it! ] Emasculation is the loss of masculinity and power.If your man sees you as an equal and respects you, he should learn to accept that you’ll always be better than him in some *if not all* things.

[Read: Why a girl should never dumb herself down to impress a guy] Dumbing yourself down or downplaying your own achievements just to make your man feel more manly may work for a while, but it’s not the answer.If you’re better than your man at something, he should respect that ability of yours.

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